Trenin Mines

The Trenin mines, where legends say the Arturan Liberation started, are located about one weeks travel North and east of Rena.

The Arturan Liberation heroes Nexon Telranis ‘Nextel’, Haitlin El’Jaren, and ‘The Malgadar’ Ramzeck Azalis all resided the mining village of Trenin along with the well noted elven prisoner heroes Elliamice Lithandel and Xerkxan Vexalian.

At the time the heroes resided there the mines were under the rule of the Galeons and run by slave labor. After the Arturan liberation in 2205 the mines were owned by Red X Enterprises and mined successfully until 2216 when the mine went dry.

People stay away from the mine and nearby village all together now as reports of ghosts of former slaves haunt the grounds.

Trenin Mines

The Forgotten Malgadar