The Archmagistry of Telmaraine

The Archmagistry of Telmaraine is a xenophobic magocracy in the southern portion of the Hartland. The magocracy was founded by the Archmage Tilorin Wilis. Telmaraine was designed to be place for mages to develop, share and gain a better understanding of arcane craft free from the judgement and bigotry of the rest of the world.

Telmaraine keeps itself secluded from the rest of the world with complex warding and illusion spells. As far as ships passing by can tell there is nothing there, Telmaraine is virtually an invisible city. Those few who stumble upon it by accident are often mind wiped and sent back to their homeland secretly. Of course the city has also managed to protect itself from scrying and other forms of magical detection, but just how still remains a mystery.

Gaining entrance to the city is a complicated process requiring either birth within the magocracy or sponsorship from one of the wards. Upon acceptance to enter the city there is typically a probationary period which often ends upon proving ones value to the city itself. Those who fail to do this are typically mind wiped and sent back to their old lives none the wiser.

The city itself is split into 103 wards that each contain around 100,000 citizens. The wards themselves are each typically devoted to practitioners of some similar arcane art, although some are mixed and others are for artisans essential to keeping the city itself running. The wards spread outward from the Collegium where Telmaraine’s greatest libraries and highest ranking magisters reside. At the center of the Collegium is the Pillar, the tower where the Archmages live and the seat of power of the sprawling magocracy.

The city itself is a display of the potential of arcane civilization. Towers rise up all along the landscape as homes or studies of powerful magisters. Teleportation circles are found throughout the city for easy transport. Spellcasters and flying ships (or carpets) dot the skies of the city. However it’s not just people as familiars and other magical beasts are commonly seen on the streets of the city as well.

The Archmagistry of Telmaraine

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