dead men dream of peace - haitlin el jaren


born of the lower levels of galeon aristocracy, the last of a line of mised heritage zyprexa was sold into slavery at the age of 14. he did not adapt well to his new life and was known to be isolated in underground chambers frequently. alone in the dark his sorcerous abilities began to manifest themselves. zyprexa dreamed of freeing himslef and jorneying to his former home to climb the social ladder and claim his birthright as a member of the sorcerous elite.

zyprexa fought valiantly at the initial revolt of the mines. fighting shirtless in the olde arturan fashion he used only weapons claimed from enemies. winning his freedom side by side with ramzik he dreamed of peacefull co existence between arturan and galeon alike. his dream died with him as he ws killed shortly after his escape.


The Forgotten Malgadar