Vanek Vexalian

Ambassador extraordinary of new arturia to the elves of calamor


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vanek Vexalion, level 21
Eladrin, Swordmage, Kensei, Eternal Defender
Build: Ensnaring Swordmage
Student of the Sword: Student of One-Handed Weapons
Kensei Focus: Kensei Focus Longsword
Swordmage Aegis: Aegis of Shielding
Background: Eladrin – Noble Birth (+2 to Nature)

Str 24, Con 17, Dex 17, Int 15, Wis 17, Cha 12.

Str 16, Con 13, Dex 12, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 10.

AC: 37 Fort: 32 Reflex: 28 Will: 32
HP: 152 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 38

Stealth +23, Arcana +19, History +19, Endurance +18, Athletics +22, Heal +18

Acrobatics +13, Bluff +11, Diplomacy +11, Dungeoneering +13, Insight +13, Intimidate +11, Nature +15, Perception +13, Religion +12, Streetwise +11, Thievery +13

Level 1: Student of the Sword
Level 2: Stout Shield
Level 4: Eladrin Soldier
Level 6: Student of Moil
Level 8: Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
Level 10: Eladrin Swordmage Advance
Level 11: Focused Expertise (Longsword)
Level 12: Greater Aegis of Shielding
Level 14: Devastating Critical
Level 16: Armor Proficiency (Chainmail)
Level 18: Chainmail Agility
Level 20: Armor Specialization (Chainmail)
Level 21: Heavy Blade Mastery

Swordmage at-will 1: Sword Burst
Swordmage at-will 1: Greenflame Blade
Swordmage encounter 1: Falcon’s Mark
Swordmage daily 1: Frost Backlash
Swordmage utility 2: Healer’s Gift
Swordmage encounter 3: Dual Lightning Strike
Swordmage daily 5: Purifying Wound
Swordmage utility 6: Quickling Stride
Swordmage encounter 7: Rejuvenating Strike
Swordmage daily 9: Hellspike Assault
Swordmage utility 10: Dimensional Dodge
Swordmage encounter 13: Seed of Fire (replaces Falcon’s Mark)
Swordmage daily 15: Death’s Blade (replaces Frost Backlash)
Swordmage utility 16: Aegis of Lost Souls
Swordmage encounter 17: Necromantic Disruption (replaces Dual Lightning Strike)
Swordmage daily 19: Hell’s Own Blade (replaces Purifying Wound)

Piwafwi +5, Boots of Stealth (paragon tier), Quick Crossbow +2, Moon Weavemail Armor +5, Necrotic Longsword +4


Captured after the purge with his half sister mirabel vanek has sworn his service to “the liberator” though no one not even reds knows the significance of what that means. “blood tells” are the words of this offshoot house of the clan vexalian having had a dispute with a prior patriarch over the legitimacy of a half-elven offspring. vanek ws trained under “the blackstar” an ancient eladrin of the vaxalian house. vanek sees an overwhelming prejudice among the alves of calamor yet harbors a judgment of his own. he will not train “the spineless,selfish or suicidal”

Vanek Vexalian

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