Realis De'monde

The Malgadar's cousin


Realis is the Malgadar’s cousin raised in the port town of Rena. He used his connections as successful businessman and his relative safety residing in the farthest southern reaches of Arturan land to forge an alliance with the Galeons.

Realis used this alliance to gather information on Galeon activities in the Arturan lands. His shipping industry moved large amounts of weapons and food for the Galeon military through Arturan land.

Many thought Realis to be a traitor to his people, but in actuality he was using his connection to the Galeon military to feed information to upstart rebel groups in southern Arturia. However Realis was caught and paid a steep price for his coercion. Rather than kill him the Galeon performed experiments on Realis that they had discovered during exploration of Trevillo Tower.

Realis was forever changed as a monster of some sort, by an experiment his ancestors created hundreds of years ago.

Realis De'monde

The Forgotten Malgadar