Darien El'Jaren Galeo

Sandera can only survive under unified rule


Darien is son of the late Princess Liandra Galeo and the Arturan Liberation Hero Nextel.

Because of his birth into two warring human factions his existence was kept secret. After his mother’s death at the hands of the ‘The Malgadar’ Ramzeck Azalis the Princess’ loyal servants sought out his father Nextel. Since there were many who would seek to harm Darien, Nextel raised him in seclusion on one of Sandera’s outlying islands.

In the year 2229 when Nextel passed away, he returned to Sandera to seek his throne in Galeo. However upon crossing through the Kirosian Nation he began a small series of skirmishes with warriors he met in his travels. As the conquests grew, and the stories along with them, Darien saw the opportunity to unify the often disarrayed nation.

Within months Darien had become the most prominent figure in Kirosia. His skills in negotiating issues and his ruthlessness in battle have rallied the people of Kirosia behind him; and they see this as Kirosia now entering its golden age.

Darien took the last name El’Jaren after learning of his grandmother’s exile from the family for marrying a Galeon. He took the name to honor his grandmother, not having the same Galeon biases that Arturans have had, and to advance his political agendas since the name holds great prestige in Arturia.

He has come to calling himself the king of three thrones since he is the current ruler of Kirosia, has a blood legitimate claim to the Galeon throne, and a potential claim to the Arturan throne from his father.

His goal now is to unify Sandera under one banner to end all the wars. Of course there are rumors that he hates Elven kind, which led to the Dragon Wars, but he and his staff have denied those claims vehemently.

Darien El'Jaren Galeo

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