The Forgotten

Session Notes from 9/5/2011

The Life and Times of Xerkzan Vexallion

The Heroes had gathered at the lighthouse to discuss recent events in Sandera and the disappearance of their comrade Xerkxan Vexalian. After taking care of a rude interuption by a beholder Haitlin El’Jaren was taken to the fountain of time by the god Sato (Ioun) unbeknownst to rest of his gathered friends.

At the fountain of time Haitlin was reunited with Xerkzan and a dire prophecy was revealed, Xerkzan would lead his people to their demise. To prove his point Sato sent the two companions into the future along with one of his disciples, the chainsmoking Deva Zane. In the future Xerkzan saw the destruction of Battlespire and the woods, as well as the deaths of his sister Danafaye and son Quasaran. However the worst of it came when he found his people forced into hiding underground and met his future self. Something had clearly changed him over the years, he seemed frayed and almost mad as he proclaimed to have killed Haitlin with his own hands and did not understand how he could be there.

Upon returning to the fountain of time Sato revealed that the only foreseeable way to avoid this outcome was to find the Elf Eithir Duelus and keep him near. The heroes quickly left to find him at Alman’s Watch.

After a brief reunion at Alman’s Watch with Trion, Shanomac and Quasaran the group left, with Eithir in tow, to return to the lighthouse.

Unfortunately shortly after returning to the lighthouse more bad news struck as the group was informed that they should return to Arturia City quickly. However upon arrival they found the entire city to be missing. A mysterious figure calling himself Chaos claimed to have given the city to Orcus.

In the ensuing battle Haitlin was badly injured and needed immediate medical attention. The mage Telman Solverus offered to see Haitlin fully healed if the party would accompany him. Wanting to see his friend healed Xerkxan Vexalian agreed and the party boarded a strange boat that could fly.

Telman took them to a city that appeared out of nowhere and saw to the treatment of Haitlin while the party explored the secret city of The Archmagistry of Telmaraine



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