The Forgotten

Session notes from 9/25/11

Tower of Trouble

  • The party opted not investigate Traegenhal right now and instead returned to Sandera.
  • Zurcies, Jheeteah, Mikel Del’fury all came down with a strange illness after the battle with the Illithids.
  • Upon returning to Sandera a messenger from the Ravens came to deliver a message to Haitlin El’Jaren about strange magical fluctuations at the supposedly haunted Trenin Mines.
  • The party traveled to Trevillo Tower and found the living door, a magical gateway of flesh which led to the secret halls of Trevillo Tower. Upon each member sharing their darkest secret the doorway let them pass.
  • The party entered the hall of mirrors and fought a sneaky and rather difficult group of mimics.
  • After the battle the party found the room of the magister Van Draxen, and a journal entry speaking of new magic and the magister Malrox including his status as a prodigy.

And now a question for the PC’s: How did you feel about having to reveal your darkest secret to the living door? Leave your answer in the comments section, along with any other thoughts on this adventure.


we got munched on by meeping mirrors.

Session notes from 9/25/11

I often muse over how D&D mimics real life, like when a mirror becomes your worst enemy.

Session notes from 9/25/11

or make your “sword” look bigger

Session notes from 9/25/11

Ya know what I have noticed it makes my ‘mace’ look better.

Just to clarify:‘A mace is a blunt weapon that uses a heavy head on the end of a handle to deliver powerful blows’

nuff said.

Session notes from 9/25/11

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