The Forgotten

Session notes from 9/11/11

Meet the Vexallions

The session kicked off with the conclussion of the partys meeting with Archmagister Malicar at which point the party met the Telmaraine nobles Devin Delacroix and his wife Genevieve Delacroix.

Two days later the party left the Archmagistry and sailed south to the port town of Faldren. Upon eventually returning to Sandera the party acquired two new memebers in Zurcies the Arturan soldier secretly hired by Shanomac El’Jaren to protect his father and Jheeteah the Half Elven acquisitions expert hired on by Elliamice Lithandel to collect any fine pieces of art the party discovered.

The party reconvened at Battlespire several days later and were rudely interrupted in the middle of the night by the hulking zombie Theodore. However he was not threatening, unless your the front door of Battlespire that is, and in actuality came to deliver a dinner invitation from someone named KV in the 66th District of Telmaraine.

When the party returned to Telmaraine the quickly ran into Slitherin the giant snake who was their transport to the dinner. When the group arrived at 256 Stygian Plague Way they noticed that the plaque outside said ‘The Vexallions’. Soon the party came to realize that Xerkxan’s family had invited them to dinner. The Vexallions were not the typical family however as their continued practices with dark magic had changed them. They first met Xerkxan’s father the half demon Korvar Vexallion and his mother the medusa like Mordrith Vexallion along with his younger brother Mordry Vexallion who was a swarm of miniature versions of himself and his younger sister the sensual if somewhat young Vecna Vexallion.

After a strange dinner served up by the touchy family cook Hannibal Ector Korvar gave Xerkxan his airship. The joy of the new gift was short lived however as a tremendous earthquake shook the continent and a giant storm loomed out on the horizon. The party flew out on the newly acquired airship to investigate. A large tower sat at the center of the storm and Korvar informed everyone that the tower had never been there before.



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