Heroes of Legend and New Comrades join together to save Sandera from the demons of its past.

‘One night of clarity, a lifetime of questions.’ – Red X -

For 25 years the continent of Sandera has sought an identity. The humans and elves are divided and dealing with inter species struggles. The dwarves haven’t been seen in almost two centuries. Rumors abound of the Dragonborn and Orcs of Kirosia organizing and planning to expand their territories.

In the midst of this chaotic maelstrom however lies one central figure. Rumors of a man born of a dual heritage, and nobility of both human nations; not to mention strong family ties to several elven leaders. Perhaps this ‘Fire Lord’ can unify the nations of Sandera and bring peace.

The forces of chaos do not lie dormant however, and ghosts of Sandera’s past are hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike. A group of Heroes once retired, along with some new allies, will be called to the fore once again, but this time they will fight for more than the freedom of a people; this time they fight for all of Sandera, and maybe all of creation.

The Forgotten

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